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Art Fysio Ltd. is a physiotherapy rehabilitation center established in 2003. It is located in the down town centre of Helsinki/Finland in the address Kasarmikatu 36, 00130 Helsinki, next to the old and famous Barracks Square (Kasarmitori). We share the location with the leading somatic training centre in Finland, Somatic Center Finland Oy and its Somatic Studio ( This union of two well established companies gives both of us the access to excellent interiors and exercise facilities to serve our clients with the best possible combination of treatment and training. Many of our clients take the advantage of both the physiotherapy treatments and the services provided by Somatic Studio.

The firm got its name Art Fysio Oy from the first location the company was placed at. Originally Art Fysio Oy was located in the House of Arts in the theatre district of the City of Helsinki. The House of Arts was, and still is, full of Art Schools such as The Academy of Fine Arts (Kuvataideakatemia), The Finnish National Opera Ballet School, (Suomen Kansallisoopperan Balettioppilaitos), Helsinki Dance School (Helsingin Tanssiopisto) and StepUp Show Dance School. Thus it felt very proper to call the physiotherapy rehabilitation centre placed there Art Fysio Oy.

In Art Fysio Oy there are more than ten physiotherapists working and sharing their knowledge and expertise with our clients and you can find their contact phone numbers on the list of employees (Henkilökunnan yhteystiedot). Our staff together offers a deep understanding on physiotherapy, chiropractics (, osteopathy ( and the challenges of human movement and problems in it. Almost all of our physiotherapists are trained Pilates-instructors or possess a strong back ground and history in dance and/or sport. This fact is affecting the way we all look in to the problems caused by movement impairment in human sensory-motor system and helps us all to better serve our clients. For almost two years we have also been the one and only company in Finland providing Graston-method for myofascial treatment and recovery (

Our services include basic physiotherapy and we are specialized in sensory-motor control on human body. We do manual therapy, re-education of movement patterns based on the modern biomechanical understanding of human movement and we are applying the principals of Pilates-method. We are planning the treatment and exercise procedures based on the individual needs of our clients together with him/her. We are practicing different movement analysis and biofeedback to normalize movement patterns and to decrease the pain. We also offer individually designed orthotic supports to be worn inside of the shoes.

We prefer prevention over injury treatment – we do both – but it is up to you to come and see us early enough!

To book an appointment, please contact the person you wish to make the appointment for directly. If we are unable to answer your call, please send us an email or text message. You can find our contact info here.

Jarmo Ahonen
The owner and founder of Art Fysio Ltd.

Jarmo Ahonen (b. 22.08.1953) is a Helsinki born Finnish physiotherapist educated at the University of California, Fresno and graduated from the 4th College of Health in Helsinki. He has a working history in Helsinki/Finland, Skövde and Varberg/Sweden as well as Alamo/San Francisco, USA. He graduated from Gyrotonic School in Florence/Italy and two Pilates-Schools in San Francisco in the 1990’s.

Ahonen served as the President of Dance Health Finland (DHF) for six years and was also the founding member of the same organization. He also served for ten years as the member of the board of the international dance health organization International Association for Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS). Currently he is the member of the board at DHF.

Ahonen has had a long career as an Olympic Team physiotherapist in seven consecutive Olympics (1988-2012). He also served as Finnish Athletics Association physiotherapist during the years 1977 to 1994. He also coached elite sailor Sari Multala for 12 years and top tennis player Jarkko Nieminen for 11 years for physical fitness. Currently Ahonen is involved in coaching athletics again. He is also teaching Pilates for the dancers of the Finnish National Ballet.

Ahonen is the owner of Art Fysio Oy physiotherapy rehabilitation centre and the teacher in charge for the Somatic Pilates Instructor Education Program at Somatic Center Finland Oy.

Ahonen has written various articles in national and international journals for rehabilitation and functional medicine. He has also published some ten books on human movement and health.

Contact information:
Art Fysio Oy
Kasarmikatu 36, 2nd floor
00130 Helsinki
Phone: +358-50-553 4858